A Spa Relaxation Experience

for couples and groups without leaving the comfort of your Airbnb or vacation home. 

We are a team of qualified therapists who provide a relaxing spa experience for couples, families, and groups who rent an Airbnb in Cancun or Riviera Maya. It will be a pleasure to provide you with our services.

Schedule the visit

Check with us the dates available to make your reservation

Choose the services

Choose your base Relaxing Massage and the Complements you want to configure your experience.

Submit the form

Fill out and send the Reservation Form with the chosen services, we will require information such as your contact, address of your Airbnb, payment method, etc.

Review, confirmation, enjoy!

Depending on the number of services, we will send you the totals (time and cost) and see you on the scheduled day to enjoy your relaxation experience.


Core service:

Experiencia Manik

Relaxing Spa Massage

Relax your entire body and release stress through a gentle Swedish massage with essential oils that renews your vital energy. With this therapy the body releases tension, recovers rest and mental clarity.

60 mins.

80 USD

Add to your massage one or more of the following Complements:

Foot massage

Special foot massage. Stimulates the reflex points to balance and rest the whole organism.

15 mins.

20 USD

Facial massage

Delicious facial massage with essential oils and quartz that models, reduces inflammation and hydrates the skin of the face.

15 mins.

20 USD

Deep tissue

Complement your relaxing massage with the deep tissue technique to relieve muscle tension, pain points and contractures.

20 mins.

30 USD

Lymphatic drainage

Complement your relaxing massage with this technique that helps to drain fluid retention, detoxify and reduce inflammation.

20 mins.

30 USD

Payment Methods


by CARD (Stripe)

by Paypal (+5% commission)

Terms and conditions of the service

1. Services

  • The basic service is the Relaxing Spa Massage that consists of a soft Swedish massage focused on releasing stress and tension. This service lasts 60 min.
  • To this base service you can add one or more of the four Complements listed above. For example, if you require a stronger massage to relieve muscle tension, the Deep Tissue complement is recommended. Or if the massage is required to use drainage and body modeling techniques, the Lymphatic Drainage complement is recommended.
  • Each person who receives the service can configure their massage with all the Complements they want, for this the scheduled time and the total cost per person are calculated.
  • The Complements cannot be received separately, they will always require the Relaxing Spa Massage to be able to take them.

2. Reservation

  • To make the Reservation of all the services and accessories, you must fill out the Reservation Form with the required information.
  • We recommend making a reservation at least three days in advance. The more time in advance there is more availability of dates to schedule the reservation of the service.
  • For logistical reasons we do not guarantee reservations for the same day.
  • Once this Form is sent, we will send you confirmation of the date, the total cost of the service and the duration time calculated for the total service.
  • It is very important to define the services and Complements in advance within the Reservation Form.
  • In case of subsequently requiring an extra service or complement, it is recommended to notify them before the reserved date in order to schedule the time of the therapists.
  • In case of requesting an extra service or complement at the time of the reserved date and while the service is being performed, it will be the Representative Therapist who will make the decision and who will receive payment when providing said service and/or extra complement.

3. Payment

  • Payment can be made by CASH, by CARD through Stripe or by Paypal (this last one with an extra 5% commission).
  • Payment will be made on the day of service. There is also the option of making the reservation in advance with 50% or 100% of the total cost of the service.
  • Tips will be received directly by the therapist who has attended you, thank you very much.

4. Scheduled times

  • TIME OF THE SERVICE: The total time that the service lasts will depend on the number of people, the number of services and complements requested, as well as the number of therapists. This time is calculated once the Reservation Form has been sent with the requested services, sending you an approximate calculation of the same.
  • PREPARATION TIME AND TIME AT THE END: The therapists require an approximate time of 15 minutes before starting all the services to be able to install the massage tables and have the space ready. In the same way, at the end of all the services, a time of approximately 15 minutes will be taken to store the massage equipment and be able to retire. Also, a time of between 5 to 10 minutes of pause is required between the person who finishes and another who starts each massage.

5. Place and space

  • All our services are in Airbnb and vacation home, the team of therapists moves to the location within the city of Cancun. For other locations such as Playa Mujeres, Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen and more, cost adjustments will be made depending on the distance to the city of Cancun.
  • It is important to consider the physical space in which the services will take place. It must be a fixed space for all those who will receive the service, preferably a cool, pleasant and noise-free place. Either indoors with air conditioning or an outdoor space with good shade and suitable for relaxation.
  • There are residential places that have their own common space to receive massages and spa therapies, if this is the case and there is a possibility, we suggest choosing this space.
  • Also, we would like you to inform us if the place has parking for the therapists, elevator or stairs, or if a certain distance is required to walk to the place. This is because the massage equipment is heavy to move and we want to be prepared to start at the scheduled times.

We appreciate your preference and we hope you enjoy your experience!

Atte: Rosy Galicia and Vida Manik Therapists team

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